Colleen’s Sponsors

Colleen is able to maintain her high quality of training and her horses’ superior health through the generous support of her sponsors. If you would like to sponsor Colleen, please reach out via the contact page or through the information provided at the bottom of every website page.

Colleen would like to especially thank Peter and Susan Barry, who have supported her in many ways throughout the years.



Sagmae supports your equestrian journey and your quest for excellence by carrying the very best equestiran brands. They keep Colleen and her horses in the very best gear.

Black Knight Fine Equine Luggage

Black Knight’s mission is to offer products that enable the modern equestrian, like Colleen, to stay unique & organized. Check them out and find your own style.

Blueberry Hill

A creative vision bringing convenience to equestrian style, Blueberry Hill offers a high-end exclusive boutique feel combined with personalized customer care.


Keep a record of your best sensations on horseback with this helmet cam specially designed for equestrian sports. Cambox allows Colleen to safely record her rides for later analysis.

Chriopratique MSK

Riding at the highest levels is incredibly physically demanding.  Chiropratique MSK keeps Colleen feeling healthy and great so that she can be the best rider for her horses every day.


Freejump is today a benchmark in terms of innovation and high-tech products designed for the performance, comfort and safety of both riders and horses. Freejump stirrups help keep Colleen safe and stylish in the saddle.


Colleen is in love with equine straw! She switched to this product because she has a horse (Vermont) who has allergies and itches himself to the point of causing wounds. Since switching him to equine straw his coat is beautiful and he almost never bites himself. She was even able to take him off of his allergy pills.
Not only that, but equine straw is so wonderful to work with. It’s easy to sift through and has great absorption. It also looks nice in the stall. I would recommend this bedding to anybody!


Juremka specializes in the production of high-quality and fully customizable saddle pads to meet every horse and rider’s needs.  Juremka helps Colleen’s horses stay comfortable throughout their work – while looking stylish!

Omega Alpha Equine

Omega Alpha Equine helps to improve the health of Colleen’s horses by providing safe, effective and all-natural remedies of the highest purity and quality. They produce ‘Effective Supplements Through Science.’

Purina Canada

Purina Canada, Inc. manufactures high quality complete feeds that support all stages of horses’ lives. From young, growing horses to athletes competing at the international levels, Purina keeps Colleen’s horses at their best.

Struck Apparel 

Struck Apparel’s breeches are made for athletes like Colleen. They are designed to meet the needs of all equestrians and to help deliver the best performance for every ride on every horse.

Talisman Fly Bonnets

At Talisman Custom Fly Bonnets, the goal always is 100% customer satisfaction. They have achieved this by providing effective and attractive fly bonnets for all of Colleen’s horses.